Gentle Passage offers a variety of care packages to meet your family's desires. These options are outlined below. Please read the descriptions carefully and talk over your decision with your family members. Let us know if there is any way we can assist you in your decision.

   The euthanasia of your dog or cat will cost $180* within Stark County. This includes the veterinarian's time and trip costs, as well as all supplies and drugs used. If your pet is a different species and/or is not located within Stark County, prices will vary and an estimate will be given upon request. With the basic home euthanasia service, the owner will take care of their pet's remains. 

*All service requests performed with less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a $40 emergency fee.

   Your pet will be transported and buried in a communal grave. This service is performed by Western Farms Pet Cemetery, a reputable company located here in Ohio.

Weight of Animal Price
0 - 80 # $ 110
81 - 120 # $ 135
121 - 150 # $ 160
151 - 200 # $ 210

   Your pet is cremated and its ashes are buried in a permanent, undisturbed location on Western Farms Pet Cemetery property.

Weight of Animal Price
0 - 60 # $ 130
61 - 100 # $ 150
101 - 150 # $ 180
151 - 200 # $ 220

   Your pet is individually cremated by Western Farms Pet Cemetery and its cremains are returned to you in a cherry box with a personalized name plate. If you would like to have a different type of urn, please include your request in your discussion with the veterinarian.

Weight of Animal Price
0 - 30 # $ 195
31 - 60 # $ 235
61 - 90 # $ 255
91 - 120 # $ 310
121 - 155 # $ 325

   Your pet is transported to Woodside Pet Cemetery where it will be buried in a burial plot that you have predetermined. Woodside Pet Cemetery is located outside Navarre. You can learn more about Woodside's services at

Important note: In order to choose this option, you are responsible for contacting Woodside Pet Cemetery directly and completing all the arrangements with them for their services prior to the in-home visit from the veterinarian. Their knowledgeable staff members will be able to assist you in choosing the best way to memorialize your pet. There is an additional $50 transportation fee if you choose to have the veterinarian deliver your pet to Woodside.

If you have decided on the best option for your circumstances, please place your service request here.